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Welcome to Airfotos

AirFotos are specialists in high quality vertical and oblique aerial photography for business, whether a new build or an existing project, high quality aerial shots can give an unique overall view of a site or in the context of its surroundings to help planning, development, environmental monitoring and decision making, and site marketing or promotions.

We can take images from a variety of angles and altitudes, from close ups to wide area shots including surrounding infrastructure such as road/rail links, countryside, power lines or any other development factors. We can supply images in a variety of formats including high resolution digital images, print or even large format display material for wall mounting or exhibition displays.

Established for over 33 years, we have been providing a high quality service to customers both in our native North East and nationally, many coming through recommendation. In late 2012 we became part of the NAL Group of Aviation Companies, providing a sound platform for future growth and stability.

Many of our photographs are now available for purchase and download via our online portfolio, which can be found at