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Flying over: Teeside Newcastle and the Scottish borders

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Over 30 years experience
Part of the NAL group
Vertical / Oblique Photography
Half a million Library Images

About Us


AirFotos is the UK’s leading Aerial Photography Company operating successfully for the last 33 years providing flying services and a comprehensive image library.

Based in the North East of the UK AirFotos serves customers locally and nationally and is part of the NAL  group of companies.

AirFotos operates its own fleet of single and multi engined fixed wing aircraft and helecopters allowing flexibility and quick turnaround  times.

Flying Services:


We offer Oblique photography on a range of commercial sites including new buildings, retail and industrial including aerial progress photography, ports, airports, development land and many more.


Using a drift and pitch adjustable mount we can achieve perfect high resolution vertical images.


We use high definition stabilised video cameras, the footage can be purchased edited or unedited.


Our library consists of over 500,000 high quality aerial images.

Search our library to purchase direct or contact us if you need assistance.