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Flying over: Teeside Newcastle and the Scottish borders

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Bird’s eye view of the region thanks to new vertical photography equipment

We are pleased to announce we are now offering vertical photography services thanks to investment in new, state-of-the-art equipment from aircraft management company Naljets, which acquired AirFotos in 2012.

This is in addition to the oblique aerial photography services we have provided for over 30 years, which involves taking photographs at an angle as opposed to straight down. With experience spanning three decades and using high quality, professional digital camera equipment, we can supply vertical photography for mapping projects, surveys, flood risk assessment and coastal erosion studies.

We can capture images from a number of altitudes and positions, whether you need a photograph of an individual building or a wider angle shot for larger sites, or to assess surrounding areas for development factors such as natural topography, roads, rail and power. Images are then digitised and presented for selection, and are available in various resolutions. High quality prints, framed images or large format display material for wall mounting or exhibition displays can be supplied on request.

We can also meet repeat requirements to photograph locations or events on a regular basis to monitor change, with medium and long term packages available.

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